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Eccellenze campane = Deficienze campane

Deficienza = Mancanza (specificabile con in o di) che rende qualcosa inadeguato alle funzioni che deve espletare o al fine per cui è stato creato, più in generale, scarsità, carenza, lacuna.

Gianfranco Fino
Sapori dei Sassi
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simply food

My idea of cooking can be summarised in two Italian words “cibo semplicemente” (or “simply food”)

Cibo semplicemente is a story made up of classic recipes, simple flavours and a careful search for quality ingredients.
It is the capacity to combine and balance traditional flavours, which are firmly embedded in my family memories, with new unknown flavours that derive from other experiences.
Cibo semplicemente is the capacity to show humility and openness to new ideas without being afraid to make comparisons and without prejudice.
Cibo semplicemente is simple home cooking with a few refinements, made with the traditional ingredients of southern Italian cuisine with its strong, no-nonsense flavours.
In order to retain its completely homemade nature, it has to remain an exclusive cuisine for few people, with the complete absence of frozen, pre-cooked or pre-assembled ingredients.
Tomatoes and vegetables are accompanied by typical Mediterranean herbs and flavourings such as basil, capers, oregano, marjoram, olives, parsley, rosemary, sage, bay leaves, celery, garlic, onion, rocket, mint, myrtle and mastic.
These herbs are then used to flavour pasta dishes, soups, pizzas, meat and fish.
Cooking times are short in order to respect the flavours and consistency of the raw ingredients.
Extravirgin olive oil is almost always added as a finishing touch to a dish.
Cibo semplicemente also means vegetarian cooking using the same procedures as described above.
This has led to the creation of dishes with cereals, vegetables and legumes with both a Mediterranean touch (like our soups with cabbage and beans) and spicy flavours (like the warm salad of lentils and quinoa) characterised by the traditional raw ingredients of the Orient and Africa.
Cibo semplicemente also comprises ayurvedic cooking, which shares many elements with the food of southern India. It is essentially vegetarian cooking whose basic ingredients, served altogether on a large dish, are cereals and rice accompanied by dhal, vegetables, chutney (which consist of various types of spicy sauces with pieces of fruit and/or vegetables), poori (fried spicy bread) and lassi (a drink based on yoghurt and fruit). What characterises this type of cookery and distinguishes it from western food is the use of spices. Ayurvedic cookery is based on spices and aromatic herbs which possess special properties that can strengthen and stimulate the organs and glands of the digestive system.
Lastly, cibo semplicemente means the absence of decorative features because it stems from the idea of simple, imperfect (homemade) food whose essential feature is content rather than appearance!

francesco tramontano

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