ROL Gelateria – Napoli

Love at first sight between me and Rol Gelateria!

Always looking for that extra something that can make the difference, I found in this ice cream shop the winning mix that is missing in most Neapolitan craft shops.

Quality of the raw material, friendliness and kindness of the staff that goes beyond the obvious convenience, and sensitivity of the owners.

Free fresh milk cream and free sessions, with a view of via Partenope, make it clear that two small attentions can make the difference without detracting from quality.

Roberta Rubino & Olga Nigro

Although it is not a restaurant, the interest and care towards the customer can be understood as soon as you set foot inside the ice cream parlor but what is most striking, with pleasant surprise, is the sincere courtesy of all those who work there so much to suggest that it is the ideal place to spend the whole day trying all tastes!

To Roberta Rubino and Olga Nigro (ROL) all my esteem goes for having decided to undertake in Naples with determination and passion, the one that apparently might seem a simple adventure in the food business but that in reality is also an awareness campaign and education in the consumption of healthy and quality products.

ROL Gelateria – Il cono!