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Catanese rolls with spring onion

A very simple Sicilian traditional recipe. In Catania they are normally prepared with fresh pork belly or horse carpaccio, alternatively you can use another type of meat as desired.

the fantastic apple pie!

Claudia, Ischia, cinnamon, apple pie, candied orange peel, walnuts, pine nuts, raisins, rum, muscovado, tobacco, licorice, Christmas, Erna, Advent time, Apfelbrot … These are the keywords of this recipe!

meat balls with dried figs and mandarin

The Neapolitan tradition wants to add the raisins and pine nuts to the meat mixture, whether the meatballs are fried or whether they are in sauce. In this period I consider the pine nuts an ingredient too expensive and reducing the quantity we would not solve the problem.

scammaro omelette or spaghetti alla saponara

Here is an ancient dish of Neapolitan cuisine. The scàmmaro omelette (thin-skinned in Neapolitan dialect) was born as a lean food to eat in the Lenten period. The recipe is by Ippolito Cavalcanti who, at the request of some cardinals of the time, was urged to make dishes suitable for the period of penance.


A typically Italian idea, an explosion of Mediterranean flavors with every simple bite!

veal stew with chilli pumpkin

For six people 1.5 kg of veal stew (neck, tender and slightly gelatinous) 1/2 wine glass of extra virgin olive oil salt pepper Half a stalk of chopped celery A spoon of chopped parsley 2 teaspoons of small leaves of piperna or alternatively marjoram