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cherry tomato confit

Put the tomatoes and whole garlic cloves in a greased baking pan with the shirt. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with plenty of granulated sugar and bake at 150 degrees for two hours.

short pastry and quince pastries

I continue on my way, making you share in how good simple things are! Short pastry, quince paste, almonds and nothing more for these pastries whose taste reminds us of our south … Lecce and its magnificent pasticciotti! Sometimes I wonder how it is possible that these apples so ugly, impossible to eat, hard to […]

anchovy pie and bread crumbs on a lemon leaf

Here is one of those dishes with which those who know me immediately identify me. As promised, I will try to explain more about my preparations as well as write down the recipes. This is an extremely simple dish whose two main ingredients, Anchovies and Bread, well represent the history and evolution of man.

swordfish steak with ginger spinach, soy sauce and sesame.

And here we come to another part of me that uses foods, such as ginger and soy sauce, unrelated to the tradition of Italian cuisine. Ginger is now very easily found and its antioxidant properties are well known. A large glass of hot water, with fresh ginger juice, drunk before meals promotes and stimulates digestion. […]