the struffoli … the most Arab of Neapolitan desserts!

Moroccan perfumes for my favorite Neapolitan Christmas dessert.
This is my version, without cocozzata (candied pumpkin) and without diavulilli (colored sprinkles) but with only orange blossom honey and tangerine peel!
A very simple dessert with a truly unique flavor that unites two cultures only apparently very distant.

For the struffoli:

400g of 00 flour

4 whole eggs


a teaspoon of orange blossom essence.

Process all the ingredients by hand and let it rest. Divide the dough into many pieces and continue as for small gnocchi.
Fry the struffoli in hot oil a few at a time and drain them on absorbent paper.
When the struffoli are cold, melt 500g of orange blossom honey in a bain-marie, then add the chopped skins of two mandarins and the struffoli.
Mix everything well, pour into a large plate and finish with the icing sugar.