ROL Gelateria – Napoli

Love at first sight between me and Rol Gelateria!

Always looking for that extra something that can make the difference, I found in this ice cream shop the winning mix that is missing in most Neapolitan craft shops.

Quality of the raw material, friendliness and kindness of the staff that goes beyond the obvious convenience, and sensitivity of the owners. Read more

Ciro Pipoli and my cousine

I had the chance to meet and host Ciro Pipoli a couple of days in the kitchen with me and my work group.

Ciro Pipoli (napoli_naples) is probably the youngest and most famous Neapolitan instagramers. Read more

swordfish steak with ginger spinach, soy sauce and sesame.

And here we come to another part of me that uses foods, such as ginger and soy sauce, unrelated to the tradition of Italian cuisine.
Ginger is now very easily found and its antioxidant properties are well known. A large glass of hot water, with fresh ginger juice, drunk before meals promotes and stimulates digestion. Soy sauce replaces salt as well as giving a strong and defined taste.
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Michele Guido – Domenico Antonio Mancini – Luca Monterastelli

Lia Rumma Gallery Via Vannella Gaetani 12 – 80121 Naples

Gallery times: Tuesday-Saturday 11.00-14.00 / 15.00-19.00

Domenico Antonio Mancini (Naples, 1980), Michele Guido (Aradeo, Lecce 1976), Luca Read more

Wine festival and saucicciata in Fontana d’Ischia

The wine festival and saucicciata in Fontana d’Ischia is now the most awaited appointment of the summer season, both for the Fontanesi and for the “foreigners”.

A party with popular roots, whose intent is handed down unchanged during the editions thanks to the work of the members of the Pro Serrara Fontana. Read more

Campania products

About the products of Campania, this is what Settimia Cincinnati wrote in Mangiamo così.
Delfino Editions – Naples, 1977

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